School-Based Substance use Prevention Programs, Formulated Education Modules

  • Nor Shadira Jamaluddin Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Objective: To survey the need analysis for developed the substance abuse prevention element for an educational module. The aims were to determine what elements are needed to include on prevention module.  Methods: The questionnaire was given to 120 counselors to answer the need analysis survey, and the results were interpreted using SPSS. The literature from a few years ago researches also were reviewed. This study evaluated a school-based intervention in reducing substance use among adolescents. A few elements in school-based prevention program discussed. Data were collected from the literature review and need analysis. Result: From the data achieved the needs for education modules formulated and discussed.  An element in Life Skill Training dan resilience intervention is the best element in the substances abuse module. The result in the literature review shows that  Life skill training gave a high impact on the intervention program. Conclusion: Counsellor needs to developed effective early and indicated intervention for youth to developed their life skill and resilience. Practice implementation: From the need analysis showed that the prevention dan education module for substance abuse need to developed for adolescent and youth prevention and education nowadays.

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